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Beautiful, voluptuous lips are highly desirable, who doesn’t want a beautiful smile? If you feel conscious of your lip size, or would like to have more luscious volume, Clinic 1’s lip enhancement treatments can improve, restore and refresh your lips.

Enhancing your lip size and shape is relatively simple with a dermal filler expertly placed.

Some people are born with full lips but find that over time, ageing has had an effect on the appearance of the lips, making them look thinner, and losing their natural shape.

Some people have asymmetric lips and wish to have those restored.

Cost of lip filler starts at £150 for 0.5ml, £200 for 1ml and £350 for 2 mls

What is Lip Filler?
Lip fillers consist of synthesised hyaluronic acid (HA) or sodium hyaluronate, which is a naturally occurring in the body. So, as well as being highly effective these products are unlikely to cause an abnormal allergic reaction in patients.

Hyaluronic acid holds water is a gel-like solution. which gives volume and hydrates the lips.  So HA’s inherent water-holding properties restores a natural fullness to your lips.

Unlike collagen fillers, used less often today, hyaluronic fillers are a much safer alternative that offer several benefits for plumping your lips. Many people still remember the celebrities who were left with a ‘trout pout’ after badly placed collagen stimulator products. HA products have revolutionised how we can restore and augment a lip  without the risk of the complications seen with previous collagen products.

Placed correctly, HA should never make you look odd or duck like.

Lip Filler


Your appearance is easily improved by adding a natural shape, offering structure all the while enhancing volume.

HA products can be built up over time. we can inject hyaluronic Lip Fillers gradually throughout several treatments – optimising and giving you the best results.

Currently, hyaluronic Acid Lip Filler products are branded under names such as, Juvéderm Restylane, Bellotero and Tesosyal – depending upon what the client is looking to achieve the most appropriate product will be selected from any of the ranges. Only premium products are used at Clinic 1 to ensure clients leave with a natural look without lumps and bumps.

The major benefit of HA dermal fillers though is the ability we have to completely remove it if necessary. HA is very easily and quickly dissolved if a client wishes to remove it.

Regardless of the look you wish to achieve, subtle age appropriate restoration or a more dramatic volumisation, lip fillers should never look fake or unnatural. This is why seeing an expert in aesthetic medicine, someone who understands natural lip anatomy and ratio is exceptionally important.

Clinic 1’s approach is to help you look like a fresher version of you.

Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered

Dermal fillers are injected into the skin to restore volume naturally lost during the ageing process and are used for softening deeper facial lines and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers can also be used to add volume to areas such as the lips, cheeks and under-eye area and can also be used for procedures such as non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Dermal Fillers can restore volume in the under eye, tear trough area to eradicate dark circles and tired looking eyes.

Lines caused by smoking around the mouth can be removed with dermal fillers into the lip area creating a more youthful look.

Treatment should be as pain free as possible. Anaesthetic cream is applied before treatment to numb the skin. All products used also contain an anaesthetic so there is minimal pain associated with the procedure.

During consultation an opportunity will be given to discuss fully all concerns regarding discomfort and the products used will be available for you to view to ensure you are comfortable prior to the treatment

Depending on the area being treated, it typically takes around 10-20 minutes to treat an area.

Results are visible right away. However, dermal fillers often look at their best around 2-3 weeks after treatment when the filler has settled.

No, typically dermal fillers will be a treatment with little or no down time. There may be some redness and swelling after treatment and in some cases there may be bruising, however this should be easily covered with make up. Lip augmentation often has slightly more swelling associated with the treatment but this is most often only noticeable to you.

Yes. hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body which minimises any risk for rejection or allergy. A full medical history should be taken prior to treatment to ensure you are suitable for treatment to further minimise risk.

However, there is a risk with all treatments so the most important thing to ensure before undertaking any treatment is to ensure that the clinic you attend is licensed, insured and the practitioner is fully trained, registered by a recognised regulatory body. All documents for insurance and registration purposes should be available for you to view upon request.

Before any treatment each client has a full free of charge consultation which give you an opportunity to discuss what you would like to achieve and an to agree a no obligation personalised treatment plan.


What our clients say about this treatment

I came to Julia after training elsewhere initially. My first training was with a large company who promised the earth but delivered a poor standard of training. I felt terrified at the thought of being let loose on the public with just one model treatment completed. Julia was kind and understanding and put me at ease right away. Her skill as a trainer is incredible, she has a natural ability to make things understandable and interesting. I was nervous and shaky but within a couple of hours it all clicked, and my confidence grew. Since then Julia has been true to her word and helped me enormously, I never feel as if it’s too much trouble when I ask questions. My business is now growing, and I am so pleased I decided to retrain. I think everyone should train at Clinic 1 Academy, best decision I have ever made.


Julia is just great. I studied foundation botulinum toxin with her and after left feeling completely happy and competent to start treating clients straight away! I also retrained in tear trough with Julia as previous training from another company wasn’t good enough to start treating clients but after my master class I had no worries at all and they all look great. She is also always there after training and answers all my questions (I ask a lot lol) quickly and in- depth. Thank you Julia !


After doing a lot of research into aesthetic courses, I found clinic one academy. I’ve trained with Julia three times now, and out of all of the courses I’ve done, Julia’s courses are by far the most in depth and informative. Julia’s extensive knowledge and one to one training gave me the confidence I now have today. I would highly recommend.

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