Tear Trough Treatment

The area under the eyes are a common cosmetic concern. Issues in this area are often are associated with looking tired. Non-surgically, tear troughs can be treated with dermal fillers and help to disguise eyebags and smooth the transition between the lower eyelid and the cheek.

Cost of tear trough treatment is £350 – £450 depending upon quantity of product used. A full quotation will be provided at the time of consultation.

Does the tear trough procedure hurt?
No, there’s actually little or no pain reported by most patients. A local anaesthetic, in the form of a numbing cream, is applied around the eye area prior to the treatment to make it comfortable for you.

Who is the Tear Trough Treatment for?
The technique is ideal for anybody who is struggling with dark shadows, hollows or ‘bags’ beneath the eyes. They may find that they look tired all the time, even when well-rested.

What product is used?
Hyaluronic acid facial fillers that are made using a new technology which enables it to retain its shape and position for much longer, but is also easily reversible with another injection to dissolve it- giving unparalleled effectiveness, longevity and safety.

Do I need any consultation before treatment?
It is always a good idea to have a consultation before treatment so you have time to decide if it’s the right choice for you.

The results speak for themselves

The difference treatment makes

How long will my tear trough results last?
Using a product such as Teoxane Redensity 2, which is the only product on the market specifically designed and licensed for use in the tear trough, means that treatment results can last from 9 months but for some patients results last well over a year and possibly up to 2 years. Lifestyle (e.g. smoking, exercise and alcohol) and skin type both play their role in how long your results with last.

Who’s not suitable for this treatment?
Some people may not be suitable for this procedure and alternative
treatments may be required. Patients who have fat deposits or excess saggy skin beneath the eye may not be suitable. Booking a free consultation though is the best way to find out for sure the treatment which is most suitable for you.

Is treatment reversible?
Yes, if required the filler can be dissolved with another injection. This very rarely happens, but it good to know for those cautious about having treatment.

How long do the results last?
Results of tear trough treatment can last from 1-2 years, depending on the patient. When results fade with time, treatment can be repeated and indeed adjusted to suit the patient.

What side effects might there be?
Some bruising and redness is common after this kind of dermal filler
treatment of the tear trough, but typically resolves within a week. Swelling can in very rare occasions persist for some time, although this too will resolve in time. Patients should bear this in mind if they have an important event or holiday coming up.

Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered

Dermal fillers are injected into the skin to restore volume naturally lost during the ageing process and are used for softening deeper facial lines and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers can also be used to add volume to areas such as the lips, cheeks and under-eye area and can also be used for procedures such as non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Dermal Fillers can restore volume in the under eye, tear trough area to eradicate dark circles and tired looking eyes.

Lines caused by smoking around the mouth can be removed with dermal fillers into the lip area creating a more youthful look.

Treatment should be as pain free as possible. Anaesthetic cream is applied before treatment to numb the skin. All products used also contain an anaesthetic so there is minimal pain associated with the procedure.

During consultation an opportunity will be given to discuss fully all concerns regarding discomfort and the products used will be available for you to view to ensure you are comfortable prior to the treatment

Depending on the area being treated, it typically takes around 10-20 minutes to treat an area.

Results are visible right away. However, dermal fillers often look at their best around 2-3 weeks after treatment when the filler has settled.

No, typically dermal fillers will be a treatment with little or no down time. There may be some redness and swelling after treatment and in some cases there may be bruising, however this should be easily covered with make up. Lip augmentation often has slightly more swelling associated with the treatment but this is most often only noticeable to you.

Yes. hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body which minimises any risk for rejection or allergy. A full medical history should be taken prior to treatment to ensure you are suitable for treatment to further minimise risk.

However, there is a risk with all treatments so the most important thing to ensure before undertaking any treatment is to ensure that the clinic you attend is licensed, insured and the practitioner is fully trained, registered by a recognised regulatory body. All documents for insurance and registration purposes should be available for you to view upon request.

Before any treatment each client has a full free of charge consultation which give you an opportunity to discuss what you would like to achieve and an to agree a no obligation personalised treatment plan.


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I’ve been seeing Julia for a few years, initially for migraine botox, she is so knowledgable and understanding, and always happy to accommodate me when I need to get topped up when my migraines are getting bad again. I trust her implicitly with any aesthetic treatments and she will never do anything that she doesn’t think is needed. Julia’s dedication to her clients comfort and safety is unbeatable.

Professional, with excellent results, I would not go anywhere else. Julia’s knowledge & knowing what will be the best treatment is exceptional. I would give a million stars if I could. An amazing clinic. X


I’ve been seeing Julia for around 4 years now, she is a wealth of knowledge and I always feel very safe in her hands. I’ve never looked over done with Julia, she always gives me very natural results that leave me feeling refreshed.

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